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ALU Excellent MB86 windows are a perfect solution for everyone. Dedicated to projects requiring energy efficiency as well as to passive buildings and thermomodernization projects. Simple and modern shapes will ensure an aesthetic balance with the core of the building and three variants of execution (ST, SI and AERO) allow us to adapt the product to requirements related to heat energy efficiency. This system guarantees high functionality and aesthetic value of the construction thanks to a wide thermal spacer in a new shape and a wide range of profiles available. The innovative two-component central gasket allows for perfect sealing of the space between the frame and the sash. Additionally, the possibility of creating a window with a hidden sash reveals completely new arrangement options. The reliable structure ensures safety and the possibility of making a sash weighing up to 150 kg. The range of glazing up to 67mm (for the sash) allows the use of all types of single and double chamber glazings available in the market.

ALU Excellent Line MB 86



  • 3-chamber profiles with a thickness of 77 mm for the frame and 86mm for the sash

  • System with two-component central gasket

  • Three variants of insulating inserts: ST, SI and AERO

  • Very good static properties.

  • Durability and resistance of the structure

  • Possibility to use ALU or PVC fittings

  • Possibility of installing a hidden sash