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Windows in this system are a top class product. Due to very high insulation properties of the profiles used in their production, the windows meet the criteria required for elements used in passive buildings, which is confirmed by the certificate of the Passive House Institute PHI Darmstadt. Increased installation depth (95 mm for the frame and 104 mm for the sash) makes the structure resistant, waterproof and airtight as well as ensures a very good acoustic insulation parameters. The maximum sash weight for this system is 160 kg. ALU Future MB104 windows have two variants of finishing – SI and AERO – depending on energy efficiency requirements. The system allows for a wide range of glazing up to 81mm thick. Wide central gasket and 3-chamber profiles, allow to obtain the highest insulation coefficient for the opening window Uw from 0.53 W/m2k.

ALU Future Line MB 104



  • 3-chamber profiles with a thickness of 95 mm for the frame and 104 mm for the sash

  • System with wide central gasket

  • Two variants of insulating inserts: SI and AERO

  • Very good static properties.

  • Durability and resistance of the structure

  • Possibility to use ALU or PVC fittings