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The product is especially recommended for low-energy, passive buildings, for use in thermal modernization projects and to increase the thermal comfort of the building. A modern and comprehensive Premium class aluminium system, which was manufactured with high quality components. The ALU Future Star 90 window, thanks to the 45mm deep thermal spacer and central gasket, consists of a reliable heat protection barrier. Its modern and simple design is in line with current trends, and the innovative drainage system provides protection against weather conditions. The installation depth of 90mm for the frame and 99mm for the sash gives great opportunities to use glazing units with the most limiting requirements related to the thermal insulation, safety and acoustic insulation protecting from the noises from the outside. The system allows to create windows with a hidden sash while its excellent thermal insulation that amounts to Uf starting from 0.6W/m2K puts it in the forefront worldwide.

ALU Future Line Star 90



  • 3-chamber profiles with a thickness of 90 mm for the frame and 99mm for the sash

  • Central gasket

  • Modern design

  • Very good static properties.

  • Durability and resistance of the structure

  • Possibility to use ALU or PVC fittings