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ALU Impressive MB60 windows are produced with the profile of a renowned manufacturer (Aluprof). A three-chamber system with a thermal barrier made of polyamide reinforced with glass fibre ensures rigidity and resistance to deformation. The use of a special insulating insert in the central chamber enables us to achieve high insulation parameters, even from 1.4 W/m2K. A wide range of profiles allows us to create a window with a hidden sash as well as a window with additional decorative elements imitating the look of a window made of steel profiles. Huge construction possibilities (sash up to 130 kg), wide range of colours and reasonable price make our windows in the IMPRESSIVE MB60 system an ideal choice for single-family houses.

ALU Impressive Line MB 60



  • 3-chamber profiles with a thickness of 60mm

  • System with central gasket

  • Good static properties.

  • Durability and resistance of the structure

  • Possibility to use ALU or PVC fittings

  • Possibility of installing a hidden sash

  • Possibility of imitating the look of steel profiles