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Exceptional aesthetic values and advanced technology make Petecki PVC overlay doors a perfect product for those customers who pay attention to the high quality of the product. Thanks to a wide range of colours, a multitude of compositions and original design, we are able to meet any expectations as for the architecture of the building.

PVC I batch doors

PVC overlay doors are a perfect solution for single-family housing because of the variety of designs and colors. They are available in classic and modern versions. They are used in energy-saving buildings. The door is characterized by high quality and very good thermal and acoustic parameters.Thanks to the composite used in the production of the overlays, the doors are also extremely resistant. Doors installation depth is 82 mm. The standard version is provided with a low threshold with a thermal break which improves tightness and gives a remarkable comfort of use.Our offer includes a wide range of door bolts for the security of the building, including bolts with 9 locking points.In addition to high energy efficiency, overlay doors are characterized by a high safety standard. The parameters of the product meet the customers' expectations, guaranteeing long-term satisfaction with their use. The attention to details of the finishing assures the highest quality of the door and thus a luxurious look. In the overlay doors range each customer will find a product that meets his preferences.

The product is tailored to the individual needs of the customer also thanks to the wide range of options. We realize customized orders and adjust our solutions to the hole. We have a large selection of glazings and decorative elements. It is possible to choose the same colour as for the windows. We also connect overlay doors with display windows and floodlights, giving huge possibilities of installation. Handles with a rich design and interesting colour are the elements that ensure a chic look. Aesthetic values and production technology make our doors a perfect product for those customers who place the most importance on design and high quality. This system is avant-garde, lightweight and classic elegance. The composition, colour and material used make the door perfectly match the needs and expectations of customers as well as the trends in the market as for the construction and image standards. We are able to meet all architectural requirements, from modern stylistics to classic ones. Like other PETECKI systems, overlay doors constitute a perfect equipment for every house. The product meets high standards and has been awarded.


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