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We are pleased to present a new product - PETECKI
Inowa Slide sliding doors.


The new product is based on the Aluplast Smart Slide system and the ROTO Inowa hardware, combining the features of both the HST lift and slide doors and the traditional PSK patio window. They are also an indirect solution for patio doors in single and multi-family construction.

Sliding Doors

PETECKI Inowa Slide and its excellent technical properties

  • The maximum symmetrical dimension is 3100 mm. x 2400 mm. (maximum panel width to the post axis 1550 mm)

  • The maximum width is 4000 mm.

  • Glazing with Ug = 0.7 W / m2K (36 mm.). The depth of the working wing is 70 mm.

  • PETECKI Inowa Slide sliding doors are dedicated to solo openings.

  • The applied technical solutions make Inowa Slide achieve very good results in the field of air permeability, resistance to wind pressure and water resistance. (High parameters are achieved thanks to properly matched perimeter seals of the sash, which, by turning the handle, are pressed transversely to the frame, along the entire circumference.

Comfort and modern DESIGN

Effective glazing and a stable structure

PETECKI Inowa Slide sliding doors are in line with modern construction trends. They enable the creation of a glazed structure with maximum dimensions of 4 x 2.4 m. with the dimensions of the functional leaf 1.5 x 2.4 m. The locking around the entire perimeter of the leaf provides a high pressure force, and at the same time, when opened, the leaf moves extremely easily, using minimal force. Another advantage is the low threshold.

Space optimization


Opening the door does not require opening the sashes, which would deeply interfere with the living space. PETECKI Inowa Slide sliding doors can be made in scheme A: 2-section with one movable leaf and scheme C: 4-section with two movable leaves.


The innovative closing mechanism allows for simple and intuitive operation, similar to the solutions used in lift and slide doors, type HST. High-class window fittings guarantee that the sash, after unlocking it, slides freely and without the slightest resistance on the trolleys in relation to the non-opening part of the structure. The locking mechanism allows the sash to be gently closed in the frame, and thus easy to operate the sliding door.




Stylish design

PETECKI Inowa Slide sliding doors are a new solution in the segment of sliding doors / windows, which can ultimately be an attractive alternative to PSK / PATIO terrace doors. It is an ideal solution both in terms of single-family housing, but also for facilities that require reliability and ease of use.