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Excellent Class 82 MD is an optimal combination of elegant design with the best thermal protection parameters, dedicated for low-energy and passive buildings. Special 6-chamber window structure with an additional central gasket enables deep installation of the glazing unit. The rounded profile of the BluEvolution 82 MD system will emphasize the elegance and style of each interior, ensuring the highest possible level of energy efficiency.

Excellent Class 82 MD



  • Six-chamber profile structure made of the highest quality PVC provides excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • The 82 mm wide profile allows the use of 3 glazing units with a width of up to 52 mm.

  • Galvanized steel sash reinforcement increases static resistance and the safety level.

  • The special structure of the sash allows for deep installation of the glazing unit, which measurably improves the thermal insulation of the windows.

  • Large surface of profile chambers effectively improves ventilation and provides better cooling (reduction of thermal stress).

  • The innovative triple gasket system, which is fitted as standard, reduces the forces required to close and open the window. Silicone-rubber material provides excellent tightness, thermal and acoustic insulation as well as high resistance to UV radiation.

  • Fitting notch located in the axis of 13 mm allows for the use of stronger fitting elements ROTO.