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The EXCELLENT LINE 76 window was manufactured based on the Softline 76 system. Its installation depth is 76 mm. It is an alternative to the 70 mm and 82 mm systems. EXCELLENT LINE 76 qualifies for a product of the highest quality. Thanks to the integrated steel reinforcements in the frame, made of a closed 30 x 30 mm profile, it exhibits excellent thermal and mechanical parameters. This type of solution increases security, and thus reduces the risk of burglary and strengthens the window in terms of construction. There is also a gasket installed in the frame, which increases thermal and acoustic protection. Glazing beads are flush with the profiles of the frame, sash and post. Softline 76 is a window with a heat transfer coefficient of Uw 1.1 (MD) and Uw 1.2 (AD) W / (m² • K).

Excellent Line 76 MD



  • 76 mm thick 5-chamber profile

  • MD system with a central gasket

  • AD system without a central gasket

  • used reinforcement system made of closed steel profile 30 x 30 mm

  • multi-chamber structure provides excellent thermal and acoustic protection

  • glass embedment depth - 20 mm

  • uniform height of the slats - 25 mm

  • even appearance of the sash seal and the glazing bead

  • glazing bead height 25 mm

  • section height 122 mm

  • a carefully thought-out system of slats with a pitch of 2 mm.

  • the profile occurs in the SPECTRAL shell