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Future Design 86 MD is a premium product made with the Rehau Geneo profile. Made entirely of Rau-Fipro composite material with a fiberglass base. The window is recommended primarily for modern passive and low-energy houses of the highest standard. It guarantees an innovative design and parameters that meet the highest expectations. The Geneo system allows you to achieve a unique energy efficiency class (even for Uw-0.73W/m2k). The use of 6 chamber profiles with the installation width of 86 mm, made in composite technology, ensures exceptional stiffness without the use of steel reinforcement! The additional central gasket guarantees the best tightness of the product. It is an exclusive product for the most demanding customers, combining unlimited possibilities of arrangement and the highest technical and functional parameters.

Future Design 86 MD



  • 6-chamber profiles with a thickness of 86 mm

  • System with central gasket

  • The RAU-FIPRO composite core with glass fibre content, the outer layer made of high quality RAU-PVC material

  • Galvanized steel sash reinforcement ensures stability and increases the safety level.

  • Multi-chamber construction guarantees excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Fitting notch located in the axis of 13 mm allows for the use of stronger fitting elements ROTO.

  • Profile depth - 86 mm, system with a central gasket

  • Burglary resistance up to RC 2 class



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