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Future Line 82 MD - A window designed for passive construction. It allows you to design a large glass surface that allows you to obtain heat thanks to solar radiation. At the same time, the standard 3-pane package with the coefficient Ug = 0.5 W / m2K significantly reduces energy losses. The use of VEKA 7-chamber Softline 82 MD profiles allowed for the elimination of thermal bridges. The excellent thermal insulation parameters required for applications in passive construction in combination with classic design and unlimited configuration options make this product the most comprehensive solution available on the market.

Future Line 82 MD



  • 7-chamber profiles with a thickness of 82 mm

  • System with steel reinforcement.

  • Sash reinforcement made of galvanized steel.

  • Multi-chamber construction guarantees excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Lower structure for better illumination of the room.

  • Fitting notch located in the axis of 13 mm allows for the use of stronger fitting elements.

  • Three gasket system (external, central and internal) perfectly insulates noise, humidity, cold and draughts.

  • Burglary resistance up to RC class