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The Impressive Class 73 O window with the BRÜGMANN Artline profile is an excellent product that will help to reduce energy consumption. The semi-faced sash and rounded frame, as well as the wide range of glazing beads will meet the requirements related to the design of modern windows. 3 mm thick walls made of polyvinyl chloride meet all building and environmental standards. The possibility of using different glass units, more than 40 colours, excellent thermal insulation coefficient and a wide range of applications put PETECKI IMPRESSIVE Class windows ahead of the competition. Due to its excellent parameters they are often used in single-family residences and multiple-unit residences. PETECKI IMPRESSIVE Class 73 O windows are a perfect combination of high quality with a wide range of applications.

Impressive Class 73 O



  • Galvanized steel sash reinforcement ensures stability and increases the safety level.

  • Two-surface gaskets guarantee excellent water drainage.

  • Multi-chamber construction guarantees excellent thermal and acoustic insulation.

  • Fitting notch located in the axis of 13 mm allows for the use of stronger fitting elements ROTO.